Chapter One: Tortured Memories 


The sound of the water splashing the side of my house woke me from my sleep. I wasn’t a deep sleeper and any noise was able to wake me. I rolled over and looked at the clock hanging on the wall. It read 3:00 AM which meant I had only been sleeping for an hour. I rolled out of bed and the floor felt cold underneath my bare feet. The creak from the opposite side of the house alarmed me that I wasn’t alone. Quickly pulling my hair into a ponytail I walked into the house that was dead as night. I encircled the house at least twice though I wasn’t satisfied with the idea that I was the only one in the house.A gust of wind blew my hair from around my face. My eyes slid closed as I embraced the the wind’s gentle hug. The wind seemed to whisper my name in my ear as if it was telling me a secret. Aura, is what it would whisper seeming like it was chanting a spell to capture me and bring me into its world of darkness and light. My feet began to move, taking one step at a time against my better judgement. I stood in the doorway of my balcony looking out over the ocean. The wind wanted me to come join it over the ocean to see all the sites that I wouldn’t be able to see alive. Death was calling my name, but with all my strength I closed the doors and walked back to my bedroom. Truthfully joining the wind of its quest for traveling the seven seas and every inch of this world would be better than having to deal with the haunting memories of the past.
Clear as day I could have sworn that that was my father’s voice. My father was murdered a few months ago and it seems like his spirit has been stuck on this earth, trapped here to forever remember what had happened to him. I laid in bed and begged for sleep and soon after my eyes were able to close and dreams soon consumed my mind.
Sunlight shined into my eyes and I pulled over the covers which I noticed weren’t my normal light blue blanket , but instead a bright yellow blanket that my mother had made for me when I was little. I pulled off the covers and seeing my hands they were completely different. My hands were the same as when I was little, but how possible could this have happened? I got out of bed and ran to the mirror to see that I indeed was a kid again.
“Aura are you going to eat breakfast?” My mother called.
My mother was actually alive? My mother had died when I was about 12 years old of cancer there was no way that she could be alive, though I’m a little kid so I guess anything could truly happen. I ran down the stairs and straight into my mother’s arms.
“Aura what’s wrong?” She asked and then hugged me back.
“Nothing I was just happy to see you.” I said with tears in my eyes. There was no way that I would let my mother be taken away from me again. No one has even found a cure for it yet, but I felt a need to protect my mother and I don’t think my heart could take any more heartache from both of my parents leaving me. Hugging her tightly I realized that her form was starting to get smaller as if she was disappearing.
“Mom what’s going on?” I asked trying to keep my voice calm as possible.
“You did this to me!” She yelled in a voice that I couldn’t recognize. “It’s your fault that we’re dead. It was such a waste to have given birth to you. Your father and I wanted a boy anyway.”She threw me onto the floor and grabbed a knife from off of the counter.

“If I kill you we’ll be able to stay alive.” She said with a smile that was completely evil. Before the knife could even pierce my skin I awoke in a puddle of sweat.It was just a dream, but I couldn’t contain myself from shaking. Tears rolled down my face and I just allowed them to fall since my tears and I have become quite good friends lately. A knock at the door allowed me to forget about my dream for a moment as I wondered who was at my door at 6 in the morning. I arose from my bed and slowly crept to the door. Looking through the hole in the door I saw that no was there. I opened the door and looked around, but the only thing I was a note on the doormat that read, It wasn’t your fault. Remember that.
I looked around the yard once more and took time to glance at the ocean that still was calling my name. Whoever it was knew about my dream which didn’t alarm me too much since I have a tendency to scream in my sleep. It was mostly likely a concerned civilian that happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. I turned back around to go back to bed, but decided against it since I didn’t want to dream anymore. Truth was I didn’t want to be me anymore either. I sat on the couch with a cup of french vanilla coffee in hand and decided to read a book to become someone else other than myself.





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