Chapter One: Hunting 

Lezabel crouched down so she wouldn’t be seen by the deer. Slowly her tongue went across her fangs as she waited for the right moment to pounce. Normally she would have drank from one of her slaves, but when she was in a rage she kicked them all out of mansion. She shook her head slightly trying to forget that memory and focus more on the deer. The deer ate and was totally oblivious that a predator was watching it. She stood up in one quick motion and jumped onto the deer’ back. It kicked and ran trying to get her off,but she stayed attached. er fangs bit into the deer’s neck and after a few minutes the deer stopped fighting and started to fall to the ground. She stood up and wiped her mouth clean from any of the deer’s blood on her sleeve.

She went on her way skipping and laughing. After drinking she had always been in a happy mood and acted as if she was a child. Maybe soon she will get herself a slave, she thought to herself. She brushed her hair over her shoulder and kept on walking, humming a song she had just made up.She walked over to a tree and sat down closing her eyes.

Lezabel slowly opened her eyes feeling well rested. She didn’t intend on falling asleep, but at least she had gotten some rest. She stood up stretching her arms above her head and yawned. Her fangs had disappeared and she looked like a normal human girl. She grinned thinking about how she had gotten to drink from so many people because her appearance had fooled them. She started to walk again with her hands held behind her back. Soon the scent of an animal caught her attention. She smiled and started to walk in that direction. She wasn’t hungry anymore, but that didn’t mean she didn’t love the hunt. She walked faster sending that she was getting close to the animal. She jumped over the bushes and was startled to see a boy. She looked at his ears and smiled.

The boy hadn’t noticed her and she slipped behind a tree to observe him. She didn’t even look at whatever was in the tree, she focused her attention onto the slave. He was cute and she thought it was adorable that he meowed. She played with her octopus necklace as she watched him. Finally she decided to stop hiding and face him. She stepped out from behind the tree and walked right up to him.



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