Where the Sun is Silent-Chapter one: My Abel

love-embrace-by-enchantedwhispers-660x499Its been a month since the last time I’ve seen Abel Blake. His bright blue eyes frequently visited my dreams, I longed to see them staring at me again, not just in my dreams. I was always frustrated with myself when I woke up to think that he might actually be there. As tears streaked down my cheeks I would lay on my pillow and cry myself to sleep. That was when he had first disappeared. I am stronger now, though my heart still broke every time I would see something that would remind myself of him I wouldn’t cry. Instead of crying I would train. My village was visited by vampires that sought out young women to make them their brides and would drink from the men and children. Abel had saved me the night I had disappeared. Abel and I walked hand and hand through the streets. We were so focused on one another that we hadn’t seen the vampire that stepped out of the shadows towards us.
“Excuse me I don’t mind to interrupt.” a voice said with a chuckle. Slowly we turned around to face the new stranger to instantly being frozen with fear. I held onto Abel’s arm tightly. Stranger’s eyes stared at me with his bright green fluorescent eyes. They were so green it was unnatural. He took a step forward his grin widening. Abel as brave as he was stepped in front of me blocking the view of the man. My mind was racing, I closed my eyes trying to calm myself down and once I opened my eyes the man was gone. Letting go I walked backwards looking around to see if I could get a glimpse of the vampire. It was my mistake of not turning around because of me Abel is gone. A tongue slid down my neck from behind and I let out a blood curling scream. A hand clamped over my mouth, only now that I wasn’t near the damn thing did I think of biting his hand. I looked up to see Abel running towards me. He wanted to save me, but unfortunately something quicker than the human eye could see ran straight into him he landed so hard against a tree the impact had actually knocked him out. I couldn’t believe what I saw, the last thing I saw before I fainted like a coward was another vampire standing over him licking his lips. My poor sweet Abel.


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